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The Battle of Arnhem

Grounds of the Hartenstein Hotel after the battle

Operation Market Garden took place in Holland from the 17th to the 25th September 1944 aspart of the Allied advance towards Germany, following the breakout from Normandy during the Second World War. It was the largest airborne operation of all time.

The operation was planned by the British Field Marshal Montgomery having been given a degree of priority by the Allied Commander General Eisenhower.

The plan required the seizure of bridges across the River Maas and two arms of the Rhine (the Waal and the Lower Rhine) as well as several smaller canals and tributaries. Crossing the Lower Rhine would allow the Allies to outflank the Siegfried Line and encircle the Ruhr, Germany's industrial heartland.

It made large-scale use of airborne forces whose tactical objectives were to secure a series of bridges over the main rivers of the German-occupied Netherlands and allow a rapid advance by armoured units into Northern Germany.



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The Battle of Arnhem App covers The Battle of Arnhem (A Bridge Too Far) the largest Airborne Campaign of all time. You can find out why it failed and hear stories of the hero’s as well as understanding why the mistakes that were made arguably prolonged World War II by 9 months…

This app allows users to visit historical sites from the comfort of their armchair, taking a step back in history through the use of amazing images, video clips and audio scripts. 

It is also possible for those that have the opportunity to visit the place and be guided around whilst listening to the commentary and seeing where historic events took place through the live camera. This tour has a lot of detail. If lucky enough to visit the site it will take around 2 days to visit all of the stands/points of interest.

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