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Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman, the largest of the 3 Cayman Islands, is horse-shoe shaped. At about 22 miles long and 2 to 8 miles wide it lies west of Jamaica and south of Cuba in the central Caribbean. It is part of an underwater mountain range running between Cuba and Belize, and is alongside the deepest part of the Cayman Trench, with depths down to 4 miles (6 Km). It is surrounded by coral reefs, home to an abundance of coral fish, crustaceans, coral, turtles, rays and passing pelagics. Its waters are warm the year round with an average temperature of about 82F (28C). Viability, the envy of the rest of the Caribbean, is usually around 100ft (30m). But what makes Grand Cayman unique amongst dive destinations is the abundance of world class dives within easy reach of the shore. Pick almost any point along the east, south or west of the island and there will be a wall of coral within a short swim from the beach.

Most dive tourists never see more than one or two of these superb shore dives. It is our intention with to guide the visitor and new resident on Grand Cayman to to best of these sites. A wealth of safe, easy access diving awaits you at a fraction of the cost of boat diving...




The Grand Cayman shore diving app aims to introduce divers to Grand Cayman shore dive sites around the island. The dives selected all have excellent dive shops on shore, easy access to the water and are accessible from George Town. The app uses all of the pioneering capability of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Each site is marked on a map of the island giving accurate GPS coordinates. There is a full dive briefing and indication of points of interest along with an idea of what sort of wildlife could be encountered. The dives are graded both with regard to diver experience and dive quality. There is a video of each site from the land as well as underwater along with an audio briefing and still photographs. 


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