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Scarborough - A Journey Through History

Scarborough is a fine seaside town, as rich in its scenery as it is in history. The great rocky headland between north and south bays attracted Romans to build a signal station, Angles and Vikings to found a chapel, and a Norman Baron to erected a timber castle. King  Henry II converted that to stone about 1158 and founded a free borough on the headland to the west. A great port grew on the sands below with an international fair. The herring moved down the coast each year, followed by the fishermen of all the ports for centuries. The Kings came to their castle from King John to Richard the 3rd; each enjoyed the royal fishes in their households.

A transformation began from a harbor to refuge for coastal colliers and then to a great centre for shipbuilding. A seaside spa spring was discovered about 1625 and the medicinal waters attracted the national aristocracy to Britain's first seaside resort. They drank spa water and soon bathed in seawater. Through Georgian and Victorian times, the upper town was rebuilt to house the richest in the land. The railways brought ever-widening groups and the charabancs even more. The buildings and the entertainments tell of each changing age. From gentlemanly dancing, shooting and promenading, to popular donkey rides, Pierrots, roller skates and fruit machines, Scarborough changed and changes with every mood of the nation.

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Pocket Tours - Scarborough can be used as an educational tool from the comfort of your own home or as a real time guide on your travels around Scarborough with a number of potential tours. The app brings together everything a visitor may need when arriving in Scarborough. All of Scarborough’s most iconic locations are included, along with countless points of interest, and almost endless facts and figures straight from our Scarborough experts, which you may find useful on a visit to Scarborough.The app uses all of the pioneering capability of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to give the user the easiest and most informative experience possible.

All locations of interest are marked on the map giving accurate GPS coordinates along with a map marker that shows the user precisely where they are. Each viewpoint gives a full description of what can be found there along with a captivating historical account, audio and images. In other areas of the app fascinating videos, audio narration, and a wide range of spectacular still images bring historic Scarborough to life!  

Click the link below to download the app and start your journey back through history today!

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