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#Alongthewallin80days - Day 22

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Wed, 04/06/2014 - 14:50 -- Samantha

Day 22 of #Alongthewallin80days is all about the 2nd Century and the Roman Empire. Find out what was going on when on our timeline...


106: Trajan defeats Dacia that becomes a Roman province

106: Trajan captures the Nabataean capital Petra (Jordan) and turns Nabataea into the province of Arabia

107: The Roman Empire sends an embassy to India

110: the Basilica of Trajano is completed

112: the Forum of Trajanus

113: The Colonna Traiana is erected

116: Trajan conquers Mesopotamia and the Parthian capital Ctesiphon

117: Trajan dies on his way to the Persian Gulf and Hadrian, his wife's lover, becomes emperor

122: Hadrian's Wall is built along the northern frontier to protect from the Barbarians

132: Jews, led by Bar-Cochba, whom some identify as the Messiah, revolt against Roma

134: The Villa Hadriana opens

136: Hadrian definitely crushes the Jewish resistance, forbids Jews from ever entering Jerusalem, and changes the name of the city to Aelia Capitolina

138: Hadrian is succeeded by Antoninus Pius, who repeals Hadrian's anti-Jewish laws

139: Hadrian's mausoleum (Castel Sant'Angelo) is built

161: Antoninus dies and his heir designate Marcus Aurelius, a philosopher, becomes Roman emperor with Lucius Verus as co-emperor, the first time that Roma is ruled by two emperors

162: The British Celts revolt, and Parthia declares war on Roma

164: The plague spreads throughout the Roman empire ("Antonine plague")

166: Lucius defeats the Parthians and destroys its capital Ctesiphon

167: the Roman empire is attacked for the first time by barbarians (the German Quadi and Marcomanni)

169: the Roman empire is invaded by northern Germans

175: Aurelius defeats the German barbarians

177: Aurelius orders the persecution of sects like the Christians and the slave girl Blandina is tortured to death

178: Aurelius and his son Commodus fight the Third Marcomannic War against the German barbarians

180: Aurelius dies and his teenager son Commodus succeeds him, thus restoring the heredity rule

182: Upon discovering a conspiracy against him, Commodus establishes a new reign of terror

185: The freed slave Cleander is the de facto ruler of Commodus' empire

187: The Libyan-born the general of the Pannonian legions, Septimius Severus, who was raised in a Phoenician family and studied philosophy in Athens, marries Julia Domna, a descendant of the high kings of the temple of Baal in Syria

190: In another round of executions Commodus has Cleander himself killed

192: the Praetorian Guard kills emperor Commodus

193: Septimius Severus seizes power, executes scores of senators, confiscates huge lands from the Italian aristocracy, and turns Roma into a military dictatorship

194: Rome annexes Palmyra to the province of Syria

197: Septimius Severus wins the civil war at the Battle of Lugdunum and reforms the Praetorian Guard with non-Italians

198: Septimius Severus enters the Parthian capital Ctesiphon and annexes the northern half of Mesopotamia 

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