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#Alongthewallin80days - Day 6

Samantha's picture
Mon, 19/05/2014 - 11:50 -- Samantha

#Alongthewallin80days - Day 6

Like Milecastle 75, Milecastle 74 also falls within Burgh Marsh where there is no evidence for any Wall structures. Its location has been estimated in reference to other neighboring wall structures. Using our Hadrian's Wall app you could switch between map screens and find out so much more about each of the roman remains that lie along the width and breth of Hadrian's Wall. The app aims to give its user everything they may need when visiting Hadrian’s Wall Country. The popular Roman Sites are included, along with countless Roman Remains, mile castles and everything in between, from train stations, to pubs, bars, restaurants and accommodation. The app uses all of the pioneering capability of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to give the user the easiest and most informative experience possible.

All locations of interest are marked on the map giving accurate GPS coordinates along with a map marker that shows the user precisely where they are. Each Roman Site gives a full description of what can be found there, a brief bit of history, opening times and contact details. Each mile castle and other roman remains are also marked on the map showing the grand scale of what Hadrian’s Wall once was and throwing the user back in time! In other areas of the app captivating videos, audio narration, and a wide range of spectacular still images bring Hadrian’s Wall back to life.

The app can easily be used as a on the ground as a tour of Hadrian’s Wall Country but also serves well as an educational and fascinating knowledge source in its own right.

Download it here




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