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#Alongthewallin80days - Day 62

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Mon, 14/07/2014 - 21:11 -- Samantha

#Alongthewallin80days - Day 62

Milecastles 29-25



All this week on our #AlongTheWallIn80Days blog were going start finding out about the last few remaining milecastles, stretching from Humbaughshaw in Hexham to the very last milecastle in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. 

Almost all of the milecastles between 29 and 20 have no substatial remains that can be seen above ground, however a visit to these sites is always very interesting.

Todays blog is a fact file on Milecastles 29 to 25, starting at Tower Tye, Milecastle 29....

Grid reference  NY88887109

Remains exist as a mutilated earth platform accentuated by deep robber-trenches around all sides, and are located beside the B6318 Military Road. 

Long-axis milecastle

The presence of a milecastle ditch is still evident, including a causeway crossing the ditch opposite the milecastle's south gate.

Excavated and invistigated before 1732, in 1840, 1858, 1957, 1989. 

2 associated turrets 

Milecastle 28 

Grid reference NY90317054

No remains are visible 

In 1989 an  English Heritage Field Investigation noted that the there was no evidence for the milecastle at the Ordnance Survey siting symbol; the scarp at NY 9035 7049 seen by the English Heritage Field Investigator in 1969 looked early modern and also too far south of the Wall. It was concluded that the milecastle could not be located precisely, but from measurements must have been situated in the general area of NY 903 705.

2 associated Turrets 

Milecastle 27 

Grid Reference NY91666998

Milecastle 27 is also known as Low Brunton 

Located approximately midway between the A6079 and the River North Tyne. 

Remains survive as a slight squarish platform with a maximum height of 0.4 metres (1.3 ft)

1930 - Milecastle 27 was located on April 5, by Miss T Hepple.

1989 - English Heritage Field Investigation. It was noted that the milecastle survived as a slight squarish platform with a maximum height of 0.4 metres (1.3 ft) but that it was poorly defined to the north and east. Nettle growth was noted within.

2 Associated Turrets 

Milecastle 26 

Grid Reference NY93086955

Also known as Plantrees 

Positioned slightly to the south of, but mostly covered by the B6318 Military Road.

No visible traces exist currently

1989 - English Heritage Field Investigation. It was noted that there were no visible remains and that the site was mainly occupied by the modern road and the garden of "Planetrees".

2 associated Turrets 

Milecastle 25 

Also known as Codlawhill 

Grid reference NY94596940

Remains exist as a low platform, and are located to the south of the B6318 Military Road. 

1966 - English Heritage Field Investigation. It was noted that the remains consisted of a low mutilated grassy platform, with superficial traces of a ditch on its south side 

2 associated Turrets 

So thats milecastles 29 - 25 counted down. Each milecastle has 2 associated turrets, look back tomorrow to find out more about milecastle 29 - 25's turrets.  



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