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The Battle Of The Somme App

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Tue, 18/11/2014 - 11:42 -- Samantha


With 2014 being the centenary of WW1 many people will have been planning visits to battlefield areas to commemorate their loved ones. As you may already have found, there are many companies offering battlefield tours, if your more of a DIY person our app tour of the Somme allows you to divulge the hidden history of the battlefield at your own pace, at a time of your choosing and can be tailored to your own needs.

Throughout the area where the Somme was fought there are numerous battle memorials, museums, military cemeteries and battlefield remains. Many of these are public sites and, therefore, usually accessible to visitors at all times. All of these can be found on our interactive map along with much more information, images and audio clips.

If you are planning on visiting the Somme here are our top 10 tips!

  1. Download our app here 
  2. Find out where you want to stay. Map layer 4 is full of hotels and BnBs along with their contact details.
  3. Using the app plan your route, design your own tour or follow the tour we have laid out.
  4. Use the interactive map to find out where the nearest car parks, Tourist information centers and local attractions and amenities are.
  5. There is also a map layer bursting with points of interest. You probably wouldn’t be able to visit all of them but research which ones link with your route and add them in.
  6. All of the cemeteries can be found on the app but if you are visiting the grave or memorial of a family member get details about the cemetery or memorial from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( or the American Battle Monuments Commission ( well before travelling.
  7. Watch the fascinating videos on the app to give you a real insight into what was going on at the time when the battle was underway.
  8. Read the supporting information and find out all about some of the men that served.
  9. Look at all of the fascinating real images taken from the front line before seeing for your self where they were actually taken
  10. Soak up the fascinating history that surrounds WW1 and the Battle of The Somme all from the palm of your hand! 


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