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Looking for some Winter sun?

Samantha's picture
Wed, 12/11/2014 - 10:56 -- Samantha

In the run up to December here in the UK everyone is preparing for winter and of course, Christmas. But did you know the best time to visit Grand Cayman is anywhere from the end of November to April/May time?
This is because at this time of year the summer storms Grand Cayman encounters begin to diminish and the likelihood of encountering hurricanes decreases considerably. The summer season runs from approximately May through October and is the rainy season on the island, holidays tend to be cheaper at this time of the year but you’re not likely to have the best time.
Hurricane season lasts from the beginning of June through the end of November, which leads onto the winter season, this season is least rainy and most enjoyable in terms of temperature, and climate. Winter temperatures average approximately seventy-five degrees! The end of winter, in April and May, is usually the driest time of the year and also a great time to visit!


So now we’ve worked out the best time to visit Grand Cayman, what can you do when you get there?
The Cayman Island is part of an underwater mountain range running between Cuba and Belize, and is alongside the deepest part of the Cayman Trench, with depths down to 4 miles (6 Km). So what better to do here than dive?
Grand Cayman is surrounded by coral reefs, home to an abundance of coral fish, crustaceans, coral, turtles, rays and passing pelagic. Its waters are warm the year round with an average temperature of about 82F (28C). Viability, the envy of the rest of the Caribbean, is usually around 100ft (30m). But what makes Grand Cayman unique amongst dive destinations is the abundance of world-class dives within easy reach of the shore. Pick almost any point along the east, south or west of the island and there will be a wall of coral within a short swim from the beach.

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