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Northumberland On The Somme

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Wed, 29/06/2016 - 12:57 -- Samantha

July 1st 2016 will mark 100 years since the first day of the Battle of the Somme. To commemorate the anniversary we have worked closely with members of Northumberland County Council and Northumberland Archives to carefully edited our original The Battle of The Somme App (Available to download here) with pictures, videos and stories of the brave men of Northumberland who fought in the battle during WW1. Pocket Tours brings history to life in all of our tour apps, by using the full suite of functionality available on the Apple mobile platform. For over 3 years visitors have used our original Battle of the Somme app to help them interpret one of history’s most significant battles, this new version of the Somme App, showered with the men from Northumberland, is no different.

- The photo gallery and supporting information sections of the app are where you'll find the extra information on the brave men of Northumberland

- Users can also view photographs, hear original sound clips and see film footage to further bring the scene to life.

- The interactive map has 4 layers to ensure everything is easily accessible and not overcrowded.

- Learn all about the battle of the Somme from start to finish from whilst hearing from world-renowned historians about exactly what happened, who was involved and how history was shaped.

(Northumberland Fusiliers at Thiepval)

The app can be used as an exiting, interactive, education tool from the classroom or from the comfort of your own home, It is also possible to use the app to visit the area and be guided around whilst listening to the commentary and seeing where historic events took place through the live camera. This tour has a lot of detail. If lucky enough to visit the site, it will take around 2 days to explore all of the fascinating, history soaked places the app includes.

Features of the App Include
NO INTERNET/3G CONNECTION REQUIRED - Designed for offline use so you don't need to pay for high overseas data charges. There is a lot of mapping information, audio files and videos so please be patient as it downloads.

EXPERIENCED GUIDE – Our guides are experts. They bring to life what took place and describe what it was like on the ground when it was happening. It is much easier to understand how things happened when you see where they took place

UP - TO - DATE – Obviously the historic tours don’t change as time passes. We are however always updating things and looking for more information to make the tours more interesting.

AUGMENTED REALITY –Turn the phone on its side and look at the screen. The camera will show you a view showing where things took place and what they looked like at the time.

The app will be updated with more Northumberland flavor between now and November and will be on the app store, free to download for the next 12 months. If anyone has any information they would like added to the app, such as members of your family who fought at the Somme or would like to suggest any improvements please contact us here.

Northumberland on the Somme will be available to download NOW the app store. Just click the link below to download it.

Northumberland On The Somme

Northumberland on the Somme app splash pageThe Battle of the Somme Photo GalleryThe Battle of the Somme - Stand 16 Devonshire TrenchThe Battle of the Somme - John Harvey Biography

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